It was announced yesterday that Pep Guardiola will be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season. With Pep leaving the Bayern Munich post and José Mourinho fired at Chelsea, the rumours are spreading thick and fast now. I also read in the Independent that Bayern Munich have already come to an agreement with Carlo Ancelotti to replace him at the Allianz Arena.

Obviously, Manchester City are interested in Pep’s services. Not only is the discontent over Pellegrini’s performances growing, Pep has also been mentioned at the Etihad before he joined Bayern Munch. Pep Guardiola always makes his teams play a very quick, attractive and offensive-minded game of football and has always gotten the results to go along with that. Three championships with FC Barcelona, two with Bayern Munich and two Champions League victories with the Spanish giants are just a few of the prizes he has won in his reasonably short managerial career as per today. No wonder that any club would love to have him on board. Louis van Gaal is struggling at Manchester United, Chelsea have appointed Guus Hiddink to finish the season but are looking for next year, Ancelotti will leave Real Madrid for Bayern Munich, et cetera. Pep will certainly have a huge number of world-class options to choose from.

Looking at Arsenal, I think we would be a wonderful match with Pep Guardiola. Here in Holland where I live Arsenal are sometimes referred to as ‘the English FC Barcelona’ for the style of play Wenger has made our wonderful club play since he took over. But the fact is: Wenger’s deal is set to expire next summer. Although I would love Le Professeur to stay I can imagine that considering his age, and especially if we will end the season on a high, he might call it a day next May. Lots of people have been shouting for him to leave in recent years but we should not forget that he personally changed Arsenal into the world-class team we are today. Consecutive Champions League qualifications in every full season Wenger has been in charge, financially very stable and a top-of-the-bill 60.000 capacity stadium are his legacy to the next manager. Guardiola has always been in charge of great, successful clubs ever since he began his managerial career and has done miraculous stuff with these teams. He knows what is required, and would join a team that suits his style of play very well. How good can a match be?

Arsenal are a very successful club where he would have no worries about finances or selling out the stadium and he can completely focus on the squad and style of play, which is quite similar to how he likes to play himself. It will be a very tough ask to take over from a very successful manager such as Wenger, but he has done so before and knows what is required. Guardiola has never made a secret of his desire to manage a Premier League team someday, and I really hope that if Wenger would decide to quit, Guardiola would follow in his footsteps. I think Guardiola is a very suitable candidate to guid us to more success in the future.

Image Credits: Thomas Rodenbücher, CC BY 2.0 license.