Yesterday’s somewhat disappointing draw with Southampton also saw Arsene Wenger, Ronald Koeman and referee Lee Mason clash in the Emirates Stadium tunnels. Both won’t be charged for their conduct according to the FA as reported by Sky Sports. It also showed once more shown that Wenger is a bad loser. But is that a bad characteristic to have?

Lots of people seem to hate Wenger for always being grumpy and to keep complaining about referees everytime Arsenal suffer a draw or loss. But that is exactly the reason why I absolutely love Arsene Wenger. The fact that he is absolutely pissed off and grumpy after a disappointing result makes him a bad loser. I can’t disagree on that. I also agree that it doesn’t always show great sportsmanship. There are games you win and there are games you lose, that’s football. And also when Arsenal lose a game and the result was deserved, he is still extremely frustrated at everything he can think of. But I think that type of personality, such dedication, that is what makes Arsene Wenger the man he is. The successful man he is.

If you look at yesterday’s game it is understandable that he is angry about a number of things. It is the day after transfer deadline day. While Arsenal were linked to a host of strikers, we end up with a goalless draw at Southampton despite having quite a number of goalscoring chances. That’s frustrating, not only for him or the squad, but also for us as the fans. Everyone was hoping that Wenger would add another striker to the team as we all know that when Giroud gets injured there isn’t a target man and real center forward to step up in his place. Wenger has told the press that he thinks Walcott, Welbeck, Alexis, Iwobi and a number of other players can also play there. But to be honest we all know they are better off in other positions than Giroud’s role. So I understand Wenger is frustrated after such a draw, because not only the result wasn’t what he hoped for but also his prude transfer policy will be mocked again for the next few days. Everyone was hoping for a striker, he didn’t find the right deal in his liking, didn’t sign a striker and now we have a goalless draw. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how for example Twitter reacted to the result after the final whistle.

But this is ‘just a result’. On a whole I don’t think it’s really that bad. Of course it’s a kick in the teeth that a number of results haven’t been going our way of late. But still Arsenal always find their way and I firmly believe we can turn the tide. And I think Wenger thinks exactly so. You don’t get anywhere by signing a number of big name players. You will always create a clash with the players you already have in the position you sign a new player. For example, if Wenger had actually added another striker that would provide cover for Giroud and compete for the starting eleven, there’s also a player who will move from second to third choice and so on. The last thing we need right now is a row in the dressing room. Everyone should get their act together and work hard to get back to winning ways. That’s the only way.

If Wenger would have taken yesterday’s result with a smile and would have enjoyed a nice glass of French red wine with Ronald Koeman yesterday it would make him a good loser. But you should ask yourself a few questions in that situation I think. If you are a good loser and if you can live with a dissapointing result, will you ever be able to find the will to do everything it takes to get a win? No. You have to be a true perfectionist, who’s only satisfied with the best possible result. You have to make sure you do everything that’s in your power to get what you want. And if you don’t get what you want, you will feel like you have failed. And that feeling sucks big time. But that same feeling is fuel to the fire that keeps you going for that ultimate goal. And I think that precisely is the reason Wenger is known as a grumpy man who’s always moaning when things haven’t worked out. At that moment I think he just feels shit about the fact that it didn’t work out the way he planned, which means that in his eyes, he has failed. And of course, it’s always an easy way out to blame others in that process. Not very classy, but I can relate to why it is happening.

Arsene, changes that you are actually ever going to read this are comparable to me ever winning the national lottery I suppose, but still: I love you for the emotional, devoted, grumpy and bad loser of a man you are.

Image Credits: Ronnie Macdonald, CC BY 2.0 license.