Arsenal Tickets

Who doesn’t want to attend an Arsenal game? One of the most successful clubs in English football of all time. And let’s not forget Arsenal play their home games at the wonderful Emirates Stadium. Now that’s an experience you do not want to miss! Please find a list of available Arsenal tickets below:

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Other ways to get Arsenal tickets

If you are not looking to buy Arsenal tickets through a market place website there are several other ways to get tickets to Arsenal games. While market place tickets are the easiest way to get to he biggest games, they come at a bigger price as well. Because of high demand you are not always guaranteed a ticket for the game you desire. Pretty much every game at the Emirates Stadium is sold out. Roughly two-third of the availabe seats at the Emirates Stadium are sold to season-ticket holders. The other tickets are sold in several different ways. Here are a few other ways of getting a ticket:

1. Become a member

You can choose to join Arsenal as a Red Member. You can do this at the official club website. Red Members are eligible to buy tickets for every Arsenal game. However, that doesn’t mean the tickets for the game you desire will become available for Red Members. You can find information about which tickets are currently available for Red Members on the Tickets page at Please do understand that the high-demand games against huge opponents are sold out almost immediately so it can be quite hard to get tickets for those games.

2. Ticket Exchange

Season ticket holders that can’t attend every game for whatever reason can sell their ticket to a specific game back to Arsenal. The club will then make that ticket available to other members of the club at the official club website’s Ticket Exhange. In this way, both you and the selling season ticket holder profit. You get to attend a game, and the selling season ticket holder gets his money back for the game he or she cannot attend.

3. Join an official supporters club

Arsenal has an incredible number of fans all around the world, and in a great number of countries one or more officially recognised supporters clubs have been formed. Once a supporters club is officially recognised by Arsenal, they will be allowed to use the club’s logo and also will be allocated match tickets for several games. It varies per supporters club for which game they will be allocated tickets, how many tickets they get and how these tickets are shared across the members of that club. Although it is not a given that you will be able to attend the game of your desire by joining an official supporters club, there are quite a number of benefits of joining one. If you want to find out which official supporters club is the nearest to you, please check the official club website for an up-to-date list of officially recognised Arsenal supporters’ clubs.

More tips for getting Arsenal tickets

If you want to see Arsenal play and don’t really mind when or in which competition that is, you should consider trying to get tickets fort he Cup games or against lesser opponents. There is a much better chance of tickets for these games becoming available for the general public. They can become available even on the matchday itself so don’t give up immediately if the tickets you desire are not available for you yet.

Also, please do not buy tickets from people walking around near the ground. They do sell tickets most of the time but these tickets might be fake. Besides that, touting is a criminal offence. If you want to watch the game from inside the stadium and not spend the time the match is being played in a police station: Do NOT buy your tickets from touters.

Image Credits: davidhc, CC BY 2.0 license.