What is a cookie?

Literally, a cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. The cookie is a small text file which is placed on your computer. Everytime your browser then requests a page from the server that posted the cookie, that message is sent back to the server. That message can contain information that enhances your user experience on a website, or remember what your interests are for example.

Why does this website use cookies? uses cookies and similar technologies (from here on referred to as ‘cookies’) for several reasons.
1) For fuctional purposes
Functional cookies are used for making it more easy to navigate the website or remember your previously set preferences.
2) For analytical purposes
These type of cookies are used to measure and track the behaviour of visitors on this website in order to analyze and optimize the website.
3) For commercial purposes
Cookies that are used for commercial purposes can remember how many and which advertisements you have seen (so you won’t continuously see the same ad) and to determine whether you have clicked any of them.
4) For targeting purposes
Cookies are used to store information about your suspected areas of interest. For example, if you visit this website it is likely that you might be interested in other football-related websites. This website and other websites can use that information to serve you ads that match your interests.

Important to know

The use of cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing are not a consequence of cookies. Cookies will not store your email address or phone number, nor will cookies be a source to creating a profile that can lead to an actual person.

Which cookies does this website use?

In order to understand which cookies this website uses exactly, here’s a short summary of the sort of cookies this website might (attempt to) place on your computer.
1) Cookies for Google Analytics
Google Analytics cookies are used to store information about your behaviour and actions on the website, which helps me analyze which website parts need optimization and measure how many people actually read my blogs. These cookies are all for analytical purposes.
2) Cookies for Google AdSense and DoubleClick
These third-party cookies are used to serve you ads that might be of interest to you, and measure which ads you have seen already and if you have clicked on one of them. These cookies are all for commercial and targeting purposes.
3) Cookies for social media sharing
On this website you can use a Twitter button or Facebook Connect in order to share posts from this website on the social media platform of your choice. They also check whether you are logged in at that specific social media platform to see if you have already liked this website’s Facebook page or follow this website’s Twitter account.

Third-party cookies

Cookies which are set via this website by third parties can also be used to show ads on third-party websites. This website has no influence whatsoever on how third-party websites will use this data.

Remove cookies

If you do not want this website, other websites or third-party companies to be able to place cookies on your computer, you can visit On that website you can adjust settings about which companies can or cannot place cookies on your computer. You can also do this via your browser’s settings in most situations. Please remember that after removing cookies, you could still see advertisements on this website. It can also lead to a situation in which you cannot use this website as it was intented. Also, declining the use of cookies or removing cookies will only have effect on the device and browser you are using at that moment. If you use more than one device or browser, you should repeat these steps for each one of them.

I still don’t get it, now what?

If you still have any questions regarding the cookies on this website, please send an email via the Contact form.